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dwi-Language Proficiency Test

The dwi-Language Proficiency Test is a rapid and low-cost language test for aviation personnel.

The test is suitable for:

  • testing the language proficiency of staff with regard to the ICAO Level 4
  • establishing the need for training and giving advice for training measures
  • assessing the language skills of pilots and air traffic controllers with regard to ICAO Level 4

The dwi-Language Proficiency Test is implemented with the purpose of diagnosing the language skills and identifying the potential need to practise language skills.
The participant is rated on a non-commital basis according to the ICAO Levels 1 - 6. We can express our recommendation for training according to the objectives of the participant. Test results are not documented.

How is the dwi-Language Proficiency Test implemented?
The dwi-Language Proficiency Test is a personal and oral examination, which is realized between the participant and one of our examiners. It takes approximately 20 minutes.

The dwi-Language Proficiency Test is divided into 3 parts:
Part 1
Interview and warm-up

Part 2
2 short listening comprehension tests (area: aviation)

Part 3
Referring to a picture, the examiner will hold a conversation with the participant concerning a topic specific to aviation. During this interview the examiner will assess language skills according to the ICAO rating scale and the holistic descriptors.

The examiner concludes the dwi-Language Proficiency Test with a debriefing.

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