dwi services | Aviation English

Tailor-made seminars and workshops for Engineering and Maintenance Technicians in the aeronautics industry

Aims: Improve and perfect language proficiency in aviation subjects and environments

Content: as required, by arrangement with client


  • Control systems
  • Engine and fuel systems
  • Safety and emercency
  • Aircraft specifications
  • Electrical systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Maintenance

Emphasis of these highly intensive workshops depends on client’s requirements and could, for example, be

  • communication skills in the work environment
  • understanding English documentation, handbooks, manuals, etc.

Target groups:

  • aviation industry
  • aircraft mechanics
  • aircraft certification staff
  • airlines
  • airport operators
  • security services
  • engineers


  • Learning by doing
  • listening comprehension
  • partner work
  • role-play
  • working with aviation documentation

Duration: 3 days or according to requirements

Prior Experience: 7 years of English (German school system through to year 12)

Dates: by arrangement

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