Since March 2008, all pilots flying in international airspace and all air traffic controllers controlling international air traffic have to provide proof that their English language proficiency is at least in accordance with ICAO Level 4. In this examination the following criteria are examined:

  • pronunciation
  • structure
  • vocabulary
  • fluency
  • comprehension
  • interaction

The ICAO rating scale comprises Levels 1 to 6, with Level 6 being the best level.

The minimum operational level required for aviation staff is Level 4.

Language proficiency will be re-tested every 3 or 6 years depending on the level achieved, i.e. Level 4 or Level 5. Candidates achieving Level 6, the expert level, are exempt from re-testing.

The reason why language proficiency testing has been introduced by the International Civilian Aviation Organisation (ICAO) was a number of incidents which, among other factors, could be traced back to lack of language proficiency.

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