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To executives working in aviation we offer English intensive courses.

Imparting knowledge of English specific to the industry-sector to executives, who work in the aviation and logistics industries on an international basis. The objective is to achieve more confidence and fluency with regard to the use of the English language.


General English

  • Revision and consolidation of essential grammar structures
  • Advanced grammar structures
  • Listening comprehension
  • Vocabulary improvement
  • Communicative practice

English in aviation

  • Revision and consolidation of Aviation English knowledge
  • Advanced aviation terms and aviation language
  • Aviation English vocabulary extension
  • Improvement of aviation English listening, comprehension and response skills
  • Listening and speaking development

English for international meetings and negotiations

  • Taking part in meetings
  • Negotiating
  • Making arrangements
  • Dealing with problems
  • Small talk

Presentations of ATM

  • Giving presentations

Target groups:
executives working in the areas of aviation and logistics


  • Listening comprehension
  • Pair work
  • Role plays
  • Activities based on documentation specific to aviation

Duration: 1 - 4 weeks

Requirements: ICAO Level 3 and higher

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